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Yooyuball Guide

Discussion in 'Neopets Guides' started by MCheezie, Jun 29, 2008.

  1. MCheezie

    MCheezie Level IV

    Nov 24, 2006
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    Yooyuball is the main game of the Altador Cup. It is the game that counts the most(more than Make Some Noise and Slushie Slinger). So I have decided to take some screenshots and write a little bit about the game of Yooyuball. I hope this guide helps improve your scores.
    Now, there are 7 different types of yooyus.
    • ºThe Yooyu-This is the most common and normal yooyu. It has no special effects or weird ways. It's just a plain old yooyu, you can pass and shoot it straight with normal speed.
      ºSnow Yooyu-This yooyu isn't very different from the normal yooyu except it is slower. You have to get closer to pass and shoot this yooyu.
      ºFire Yooyu-The Fire Yooyu is also very similar to the snow and normal yooyu except it moves much faster. You can pass and shoot this yooyu from far away.
      ºDarigan Yooyu-The darigan yooyu is one of the hardest yooyus to score with. I have noticed when passing it usually goes straight, but not always. When trying to score with this yooyu it goes in a curve so you can't expect to shoot it straight at the goal or get an angle shot.
      ºFaerie Yooyu-Now this yooyu is the easiest to score with in my opinion. It also moves in a curve like the darigan yooyu though. It's so easy to score with because all you have to do is shoot the yooyu when you are right in front of the goalie.
      ºMutant Yooyu-This is the trickiest and hardest to score with of all the yooyus. It has a random trait. I have noticed it moves in three different ways. It mimics the snow, fire, and faeire yooyu. So when going to shoot you must be aware that it could shoot a variety of ways.
      ºRobot Yooyu-Hmmm this yooyu is quite exciting. If you don't score with it fast it enough it will explode. I think this is the slowest of all the yooyus. It passes and shoots the same way as the normal yooyu.

    Okay, now that we know about the yooyu balls I have compiled a few screenies showing you how to score with each yooyuball. First, I will discuss the setup of the game.

    There are two different directions your team can travel. Left to right or right to left. My personal favorite is right to left. Selecting this option means your team members will run from right(your goal) to left(the opponents goal).

    Once you have selected your direction you will now need to select your formation. There are three different options: 3+1, 1+3, and 2+2. My favorite is the 3+1 formation, it puts a team member right in front of the ball for easy scoring. The only disadvantage of the 3+1 formation is that you only have one defender, but if you're such an awesome player who needs a lot of defense?!
    [​IMG] [​IMG] [​IMG]

    Well then, now we will go to the important part: scoring. I have made a screenshot showing you how to score with each yooyu ball. I will add a description under each screenshot. If you follow the arrows on my screenshots then you should be able to make a goal with each yooyu.

    A little about the controls and actual play of the game. As you should know the control of the members is with your mouse. You can however use your keyboard but that way is really confusing and much harder so I won't even go into that :)

    Here we have the normal yooyu. All you need to do is use an angle shot. So go straight, angle up and point the ball towards the left corner of the goal, and shoot.

    Now with the snow yooyu the plan is the same with the normal yooyu except you need to be closer and have a smaller angle. I usually shoot when I am right in front of the goalie. So come down from the right corner at a very small angle and shoot it.

    The fire yooyu is a big time saver as you can shoot it from almost anywhere with a valid shot. In my screenshot I have chosen to outrun the goalie and fire it in there. Just follow the arrows and you should master the fire shot in no time.

    Now the darigan yooyu can be really easy if you just follow my instructions and practice. What I do is run straight at the goalie and at the last moment turn left and shoot the yooyu when you are in the position of my screenshot.

    This is the easiest shot to make in the game. Just run straight at the yooyu and once you hit the first white line shoot, it will curve past the goalie and into the net. The faerie yooyu is your best friend.

    I personally hate this yooyu. It can shoot in 3 different ways. I found the easiest way to make it is shoot from the top right corner at a very acute angle. If it follows the snow and fire yooyu it will go in, but if it shoots backwards(which it does time to time) then you will just have to line it up and try again.

    The clockwork yooyu :D this little fellow will explode if you don't get rid of it fast enough. Don't be afraid to let it blow up on you, it won't hurt you in the game. Just follow the plan of the snow yooyu and you will be good.​

    A few tips that some people don't know...
    • ºDo you hate those annoying animations between goals? Just hit the spacebar to pass them and save some time for playing.
      ºYou can reset the position of your team by hitting the shift key. This is really helpful when you are all bunched up at the goal.

    This is my guide on yooyu and I hope it helps you dominate the yooyuball court! KI FTW!!!
  2. Cacklenub

    Cacklenub Level IV

    May 10, 2008
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    I was going to +rep you until I saw your last 5 letters. ;P

    But for the mutant it does Darigan too I think, does for me at least....I just shoot it straight, has a 2/3 chance of being straight assuming all are involved and it aint rigged.

    And I personally like 3+1 going left to right lol.
  3. Commy

    Commy Moderator
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    Aug 11, 2007
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    I assume that's what he meant when he said
    Because if you're coming from a sharp angle, it'll pretty much shoot backwards.
    Great job there MC. If only the neopets world were filled with fire YYBs.
  4. osok69

    osok69 Level II

    Feb 9, 2007
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    good baisic guide!

    Similar to last years :)
  5. ds76

    ds76 Level I

    May 27, 2008
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    Yep I find the mutant yooyu sometimes mimics the darigan one too going off at angles.

    Good guide though, nothing I didnt know already of course :D
  6. Zer0

    Zer0 Level IV

    Mar 2, 2008
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    Home sweet home
    Excellent guide! I love the pics w/ all the arrows pointing out everything. +rep

    Another little trick that's totally not useful: If you press the spacebar in game, you will drop the ball and deselect the active player.