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1-Player Battledome Challengers

Discussion in 'Neopets Guides' started by Rider, Mar 5, 2009.

  1. Rider

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    Canada =D
    1-Player Battledome Challengers

    Advisor Broo (130) - Random event when playing Dice-A-Roo

    Balthazar (320) - Randomly through the site (Usually you will already have him)

    Black Pteri (89) - Randomlly found throughout the site

    Boochi(15) - Randomly when he fires and misses at your pet

    Brain Tree(70) - Complete one of his quests

    Cave Chia(60) - Randomly when refreshing here

    Chia Clown(10) - Already have him when you start playing

    Chiazilla(500) - Randomly when refreshing here

    Commander Garoo(120) - Randomly when refreshing here

    Count Von Roo(120) - Randomly when he bites your pet

    Down for Maintenance Pteri (75) - Randomly throughout the site

    Edna(80) - Complete one of here quests

    Esophagor(53)- Complete one of its quests

    Evil Sloth Clone(85) - Simply just go here

    Eyrieki (25) - Enter a colored door here

    Flaming Meerca(50) - Already have him when you start playing

    Ghost Lupe(32) - Simply just go here

    Giant Ghostkerchief(200) - Simply just go here

    Giant Hungry Malevolent Chomby(350) - Go here (After you have gotten one ommelette, keep refreshing)

    Grarrg(140) - Simply just go here

    Greedy Kadoatie (125) - When he steals 5000NP from you

    Harry the Mutant Moehog(35) - Already have him when you start playing

    Highland Chia(50) - Already have him when you start playing

    Inflatable Balthazar (1) -Already have him when you start playing

    Jelly Chia(160) - Go here and refresh

    Kasuki Lu(40) - View the Kasuki Lu card

    Kauvara(70) - Simply just go here

    Koi Warrior(62) - Go here and refresh

    Lab Ray Scientist (185) - Randomly when refreshing here(Must already have lab)

    Lady Frostbite (40) - Simply just go here

    Lava Ghoul(120) - Randomly throughout the site

    Magnus the Torch(95) - Simply just go here

    Meerca Henchmen(150) - Go here and refresh

    Meuka(75) - View one of your pets with Sneezles/Neoflu

    Mootix Warrior (375) - Already have him when you start playing

    Mr. Chuckles (10) - Randomly when refreshing here

    Mummy(44) - Simply just go here

    Pant Devil(21) - Randomly throughout the site

    Plumbeard(260) - Simply just go here

    Qasalan Mummy (550) - Randomly when refreshing here

    Quiggle Warlord (69) - When you win a BD fight using a Quiggle

    Punchbag Bob(0) - Already have him when you start playing

    Robo Grarrl(250) - Already have him when you start playing

    Ryshu(250) - Simply just go here

    Sabre X(79) - Randomly when you try to take two ommelettes in a day

    Shadow Usul(150) - Randomly throughout the site

    Slug Monster (500) - Randomly when refreshing here (Must has Slug Flakes in your inventory)

    Snow Beast(300) - Go here and refresh

    Snow Faerie(120) - Complete one of her quests

    Snowager(700) - Get blasted by him

    Space Faerie(550) - Reedem a virtual code here

    Spider Grundo(200)- Simply just go here

    Sydney(84) - Win a Lvl3+ prize from here

    Tax Beast (86) - Has to take 10% of your NP

    Tekkitu (120) - Take a tour around Mystery Island

    The Drenched (600) - Random event here (Only when stormy weather)

    Tiki Tack Man(60) - Simply just go here

    Turmaculus(250) - When he eats your petpet

    Vira(80) - Randomly throughout the site

    Zafara Rogue(35) - Go here and refresh
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  2. Fexxel

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    Jan 28, 2009
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    If you have any sources for this information, please do post (it's plagiarism not to). But, since I trust ya, +rep! Just got like 10 new battle dome challengers. I haven't gotten Vira yet though.