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Creating an SS list- the tutorial.

Discussion in 'Neopets Guides' started by Fexxel, Mar 15, 2009.

  1. Fexxel

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    Jan 28, 2009
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    Welcome to the tutorial for creating SS lists!
    Heres what you need to begin:
    -1 text editor that saves text in .txt files... I suggest:
    For Mac: Plain Text Editor
    For PC: Notepad? (Sorry, I'm not a Vista/XP kinda guy.. If you know one please do tell)
    -FireFox, Greasemonkey, and This Script
    -A working neopets account
    -Lots of free time...​
    Step 1: After downloading the greasemonkey script (and installing it), you need to choose which kind of list you are going to make. The following are the most common:
    • An inflating list (high freeze rate, but gets a lot of NP)
    • An avatar list (gets all the avatars in games, you are best off just downloading one or requesting one)
    • A low freeze risk list (very low freeze rate, gets a fair amount of NP, good for shells)

    If you are going to make an inflation list....
    -Go to games that don't require modules (a module is a rate that the score has to go by, common modules are 2, 5, and 10) and the script you installed will display the score you need to get 1000 np in the game you are viewing. Put that score on your list. Continue doing this until you have 50 scores on your list.
    To make an avatar list (easiest because it doesn't take as long as the others to create)...
    Follow the page Here to view all the possable avatars you can get. Record each one in your SS list, and make the time wait anywhere between 100-300 seconds. Pretty simple huh?

    TO MAKE A LOW FREEZE LIST (this is the hardest to make, so bear with me...)
    Step 1: Go to a game page.
    Step 2: Check the high score table to see if it has a module
    Step 3: If it does have a module, go to a different game. If not, continue to step 4.
    Step 4: On the high score table page, check the lowest score needed to get on the table. It will say what it is on the top of the page.
    Step 5: Record a score less than that score, with a high wait time.
    Step 6: Continue to the next game.
    Step 7: After 50 scores recorded on your low freeze list, SHUFFLE IT. Some programs can do this for you. Basicly all you need to do is cut and paste the scores in a random order. This will take a few minutes.
    Step 8: When done with step 7, redo steps 1-6 untill you have another 50 scores. Then do step 7.
    Congrats, you just made a list of 100 scores with a low freeze rate.


    That took a while.
    And tada, you should have some nice SS lists now. Sure it takes a while, and sure it's not always worth it, but hey. It's worth trying out.