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Editing Uploaded Downloads Descriptions

Discussion in 'Neofriends Help and Suggestions' started by Siren, Jun 13, 2013.

  1. Siren

    Siren Level I

    Jun 27, 2011
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    When I saw that this subforum existed I knew *exactly* what I needed to suggest!

    The current downloads verification process:
    1) User, let's call him/her 'Programmer', creates a program
    2) Programmer uploads it to NF
    3) one lucky NF Mod/Admin checks the program to make sure it
    A ) functions properly
    B ) isn't malicious code
    4) NF Mod/Admin "OK's" the code
    5) users download it

    That's all wonderfully intuitive. 100% need mods to verify the code. However, when editing the description of the programmer's code, this also requires mod verification. Assuming that the actual download has not been changed, this seems like a lot of unnecessary work. I bring this up because I realized a description for one of my programs was aligned improperly and when I submitted the fix I found out it has to be verified again :O

    I just think this would save time/work/hassle.

    Just my two cents! Thanks for reading,