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Employment Agency Tips

Discussion in 'Neofriends Help and Suggestions' started by pandahorde, Dec 20, 2006.

  1. pandahorde

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    Dec 17, 2006
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    To ensure success with your jobs at the Employment Agency make sure you check both the time limit and the item before clicking on it. You may miss out on the job but it's worth taking the time to check everything out.

    Some jobs give under 3 minutes to collect certain items while others give an hour. Make sure you get to the Agency right on the time that the job list is refreshed so that you can pick a job that will be easy to do.

    If the time limit is fine, I've found that often the items required are ones I have never heard of and ones that are required in large quantities. As a guide - if you've never heard of the item before (and therefore have no idea of it's market value) DO NOT TAKE THE JOB. The reward for doing the job is based on the Neopets idea of it's value, not what it is actually selling for in the Shop Wizard. If you've never heard of it, there's a good chance that the item is rare or one that you will have trouble finding. Those who have been playing Neopets for a while will have a better idea than others. The more you play, the more you'll know.

    The jobs to watch out for are the ones selling grooming items (brushes, eye shadow), small toys (plushies, stationery), gifts (birthday cards, gift boxes) and souvenirs of Mystery Island (acorn toy, magnets, bottles of sand, sail boats).

    If you find that you do take a job which is impossible to do - an item may be way past your budget or a time limit may be impossible to work with - go for the 200NP quitting fee. This way, the incomplete or un started job is not counted as a failure and you are one step closer to gaining a level.

    As with most Neopets games and activities, speed is the key to a major reward. As soon as you get the job go looking for the item/s. Get the cheapest ones you can find on the shop wizard and buy them fast. (For extra speed open each shop you require in a new window or pay a few extra NP and use a shop that has multiple quantities of your item.) If you finish your job quickly, you will be rewarded with either extra NP or even a special toy.

    To remember all that, have a mental checklist.
    * Can I do the job in the time specified?
    * Have I heard of this item before/do I know it's market value?
    * Is the item needed in a quantity I can afford/find within the time limit.
    * Do I have at least 200NP to quit the job if I can't do the job?

    If you find that you do fail a job, don't fret. It's just one little blemish on your pet's resume. If you're worried about the blemish, remember that it costs you nothing to fail your job and if you find that you're stuck with some items you collected but did not use, stick them in your shop for the same price you got them or even be kind and donate them to the Money Tree.

    Buy all the items:
    - Buy ahead the items that are often required (ex. baby dolls, bears, board games, etc.) and just put them in your inventory).
    - When the jobs come and you see that you have the items that are required, get that job and immediately that job is done! so now you can just press the back page and do another job.
    - I do this and I often get 4 jobs at 1 round and earn more than 10k each round :)

    Time wise:
    Go to the employment agency about night time in the NST (proportional to US time) because many people are asleep at that time. This should make your life easier.

    Getting those jobs
    Jobs go FAST. People just refresh and choose the first one they see at the top. But if you hold the 'End' key as you refresh, you will be automatically taken to the bottom of the page. Then choose the first job at the bottom (this worked 12/12 of the times I tried). This will help you grab those jobs you want!