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Icecream machine avatar help

Discussion in 'Neopets Guides' started by Bestower, Dec 20, 2008.

  1. Bestower

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    Nov 4, 2007
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    I have gotten the avatar but when my account got iced due to a guy getting my account with a fake login page I don't have it anymore. But I want to help people get it so here are some tips. Well for starters type strawberryvanillachocolate for an extra life at the screen before you start whatever level your on.

    1.) It will be alot easier if you have a laser mouse instead of one with those balls in it. The ball tends to slow you down a bit and could cost you the avatar.

    2.) Power ups to get would be : Shield, Life, Bomb, decrease in spead (the negative sighned red scoop) and the shrinking power up. Now the fish and cherry bonus scoops are good for getting those extra pionts you might need to get the avatar but do not risk a life for them. Get them if you can but it wont hurt you if you don't get them.

    3.) Always avoid the increas in size or speed power ups. They are bad especially when you hit higher levels.

    4.) Never stay in one spot I know some people try to stay to one side of the game like left or right. But to get the avatar doing that would be nearly impossible. Long chains of scoops tend to come and sometimes stretch across the whole screen. If ever there is a line of scoops coming at you check th3 speeds. Usually one will be going slower then the one next to it leaving a gap for you escape.

    5.) I would say get atleast 5lives before entering the double chocolate level because inorder to get the avatar you will probably have to beat the next level after it the Tigersquash and then get to the Rainbowberry level. This should get you to the avatar requirements.

    Hope this helps someone and good luck! :tehe: