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Is there some sort of info page/guide on the new BD?

Discussion in 'Neopets Chit-Chat' started by WildSnorlax, Feb 28, 2013.

  1. WildSnorlax

    WildSnorlax Level IV

    Sep 21, 2008
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    Alberta, Canada
    I came back and BAM..BD be all fancy and stuff. The old bottled faeries don't work and what not. How do the new faeries work, and did anything change with the abilities?

    Also, I want to start training a pet from ground up. Is there a guide anywhere on telling you how to evenly train stats or at least what to train first?
  2. Detox

    Detox Level III

    Jun 23, 2011
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    I saw no one replied to you yet.

    I ll make give you a quick answer as I am currently leaving my home XD

    Old faerie abilities stopped working, even old bottles became "fading" and you can not use them to bless your pet.

    Now, you have to collect "WEAK BOTTLED FAERIES" to bless your neopets. You can buy Bottled Faeries from the Magic Shop or get the as rewards from the battledome.

    Weak Bottled Faeries grant 1-2 blessings of their respective elements. The Unidentifiable Bottled Faerie grants blessings randomly among the 6 elements. By blessing your neopet you can then choose between abilities at aethias academy on Battledome. Then you can "buy" a new ability, and "Pay" them with the correspondant amount of blessings.

    There are a number of abilites per neopets' lvl, and you can only choose one ability per lvl.

    Refering to training. It did not change very much. Referr to the following guide for more info neopets-information-f82/training-guide-t810.html?hilit=training%20training%20guide (taken from neofriends.net.. Credtis to Hally)

    Note that the battledome, can give as a wining prize, a random codestone.

    Hope it helped. Im in a rush now, but you can pm me if you need some more help
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  3. coconutmoon

    coconutmoon Level III

    Jan 27, 2007
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    Do we think that they are going to come out with Strong Bottled Faeries?
  4. Mr Awesome

    Mr Awesome Level IV

    Mar 26, 2007
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    Being Awesome
    I'll give you a bit of a run through with training.

    Obviously training schools are your best option. Along with the lab.

    Mystery Island Training school is the fastest training school. It starts with 2 hour courses for levels under 20 which cost 1 codestone each course.

    This is the way I train my pets.

    Mystery Island Training School

    Train pets level to 1 under the level of the next tier. Eg train my pet to 19, just in case I get a +2 bonus on a level and don't have to pay more codestones.

    Train my pets stats to 2x the level. Eg level = 19 stats = 38
    Train level to the max level. Eg 20.
    Train stats to 2x the level. eg level = 20 stats = 40
    Train HP to 3x level. Eg level = 20 HP = 60 (only possible at mystery island training school)
    This allows you make the most of the single codestone price of training.

    Next tier is 21-40, so train level to 39 and do the same thing. Max the stats and then get HP to 3x your level and continue on training.

    Once you get to around tier 4 (lvl 80-100) i'd suggest looking into completing kitchen quests. They can give random stat points/levels. Only complete them if they are going to cost you less than 10-20k though.
  5. dayvus

    dayvus Level I

    Jan 28, 2013
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    probably i would say.... or else u would have to collect hundreds of bottles for the higher tier abilities