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[LE] Cellblock Guide INCLUDING Tournament 11

Discussion in 'Neopets Guides' started by Rise and Fall, Feb 1, 2011.

  1. Rise and Fall

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    Dec 22, 2009
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    Guide Requested by odieboy

    The Game:
    -The game is pretty basic. There is a bunch of squares, and both you and your opponent start with 2 pieces on the board, The object is to turn by turn place your pieces to get 5 in a row before your opponent does.

    The Prizes:
    -There are 2 things you can get from this:

    -The Avatar: [​IMG]
    The exact method of obtaining it remains to be unknown, however it is usually awarded (seemingly randomly) towards the end of tournament 10 or beginning of 11. People have reported getting it as early as tournament 6 or as late as tournament 15.

    -The Trophy:
    Runner-up: Tournament 1, Level 4
    Bronze: Tournament 1, Level 8
    Silver: Tournament 11, Level 4
    Gold: Tournament 11, Level 8

    The Strategy:
    -The basic guide for this game is very easy, follow a pattern and you are guaranteed easy wins. Your opponent will follow your moves more or less the same way every time allowing for easy wins.


    The final result of the game would ideally look like this:
    -On the off chance that your opponent changes his method, don't worry, try and win anyways, and just go back to the same method on the next game.

    Tournament 11:
    -In Tournament 11, you start with no pieces on the board, and there are rocks scattered around the board acting as barriers. This is where it gets tricky
    -I always start in the most open space, and try and use the same strategy as in the first part. It won't work perfectly, but it can give you a good setup to arrange a win in your own way.

    -In this first one, I was given an opportunity right away to win, my opponent started placing his pieces randomly, and gave me a chance to get 3 in a row uncontested. If you can get 3 in a row, with nothing blocking you, you are set up for an easy win, when you place the 4th piece your opponent will usually block one side, but the other side will be open for a 5th and the win.

    -This one is very similar to the first one, I managed to get 3 in a row without being blocked, then the win came easy.

    -This is where it gets tough, things didn't go my way right off the start. I was blocked right away and had to defend a bit. I used some of my moves blocking any possible chances my opponent had, and then worked with my pieces on the board trying to get 3 or 4 in a row. Notice my opponents last move he put a piece randomly in the corner, allowing me to get the 4 in a row and essentially the win. A big key to this game is waiting for the opponents automated moves to mess up.

    If you notice any mistakes, typos, any wrong information, or have stuff to add please don't hesitate to let me know.