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[LE] Mootix drop trophy guide

Discussion in 'Neopets Guides' started by synthetic, Dec 21, 2009.

  1. synthetic

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    Aug 4, 2009
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    Mootix Drop Guide
    By: synthetic


    1. Introduction:
    Welcome to synthetic's guide on mootix drop. In this guide I'll be outlining everything that is important to scoring high and getting a trophy in this game.

    2. Basic Controls:
    - Read the Instructions
    - Know how to barrel roll (quickly tap left or right twice in succession)

    3. Difficulties:
    Easy: 3 Missions, very Simple.
    Medium: 4 Missions, Last mission can be a bit tricky.
    Hard: 5 Missions, Last one can be deceiving. (I'll explain further down)
    Insane: 7 Missions, can't be played because there is a glitch in the 3rd mission.

    4. Rookie Strategy:
    So basically, you need to guide Harry the mootix through each ring, and land him onto the target. Easy shouldn't take to long, or be too hard. But once you get into medium and hard difficulties, you might have some trouble. Memorization, practice, and experience; these are all very important.

    5. Things To Look Out For:
    -Barrel roll
    You need to know where and when to do so.

    In each level, when Harry takes his Parachute out, you have to watch out for wind. Each level has wind blowing a different way, and usually it blows you toward the middle of the petpet.

    -Mission Objectives
    You should always be going for the smaller target, but rings can be a challenge.

    6. Amateur Strategy
    While in Medium, and hard, mastering the levels is first. You need to know where to barrel roll, and where not to. You need know which direction the wind is moving in each level, and you need to master landing. Once you get used to these, you won't be far from getting a trophy. This will take time and patience. But don't give up on it.

    7. Hard Difficulty
    When you reach the last level in hard mode, you are expected to land on a small x10 target, that moves super fast:
    And it's very hard to land on it, but wait! There's another larger target in the level, and you can land on it, and it will still count, even though it isn't the smallest target.

    8. Master Strategy
    This is the strategy you will use to go for scores 1750+, and it isn't easy, and will take patience. What your aiming for, is to get as many perfect rings as possible, and the highest target multiplier in each level. (This includes the purple target in the hard level, without it, you will lose a couple hundred points)

    When you do this, you'll notice, you may fall short of a trophy. And you'll be asking yourself how on earth people got that high. Let me tell you a secret:

    At the beginning of each level you can put in a code using the arrows:

    For this code, press Down Arrow, Right Arrow, Up Arrow, Right Arrow, Down Arrow; in that order, at this screen and it will look like this:
    This code will give you 50 extra points per level, so if you score 150 points in the level, you will end up with 200 using this code. You can use this for each level, so make sure to do so.

    Using all this, you will manage a 1800+ score, and eventually hit a score of 2000+.

    9. Max points per difficulty:
    These do not include the 50+ point code.
    Mission 1: Score=160
    Mission 2: Score=320
    Mission 3: Score=480
    Total: 960 points

    Mission 1: Score=160
    Mission 2: Score=320
    Mission 3: Score=480
    Mission 4: Score=640
    Total: 1600 points

    Mission 1: Score=160
    Mission 2: Score=320
    Mission 3: Score=420
    Mission 4: Score=640
    Mission 5: Score=880 (for x10 target multiplier)
    Total: 2420 points (MAX GAME SCORE)

    10. Other Stuff
    - If you go for a trophy on reset day, you will need a score of 1700+.
    - Single Drop Mode is good practicing, if you want. I like mission mode better
    - The best score ever hit was 2640 (it is also the MAX score)
    - My best score is 2448
    - Practice is everything
    - Luck can help too
    - There are more codes aside from the 50+ codes, but they don't do much.
    Review Score is 2000, GameID 396
    - If score sending, send in even numbered scores. (2/4/6/8/0) Because odd numbered scores are not possible!

    11. Conclusion
    Well, I hope you have enjoyed the guide, and I hope it has helped you to get a trophy. Good Luck!

    I post this guide on various fourms btw and don't steal.​
  2. purple315

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    Dec 30, 2009
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    Nice guild. Thanks for trophy.