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[LE] Petpet Rescue

Discussion in 'Neopets Guides' started by Anfan, Nov 7, 2009.

  1. Anfan

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    Feb 12, 2009
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    <<Click here to play!>>
    (There you go, Freja. =D)

    [​IMG] [​IMG] [​IMG] [​IMG]
    250+ | First Place | Second Place | Third Place

    Part 1, About the Game
    Oh noes! An evil grarrl, with the oh-so-creative name Gargrall, has been imprisoning petpets to force them to work in his ruby mines! (Why he bothered imprisoning petpets that don't actually have any limbs to mine with escapes me.) You are Samuel the Red Scorchio, who for an unknown reason has decided to try and free all the petpets! Gasp! :O

    Part 2, Interface and Gameplay
    A - Each little scorchio head represents a life. You have 3 lives at the beginning of the game, not including the one you start with.
    You lose a life when you touch a boulder, stalactice, or lava...more about that later.
    B - Time. See Part 3.
    C - Samuel the Red Scorchio. Self-explanatory.
    D - Your score. Again, self-explanatory. You'll gain points for each petpet rescued, and/or gem collected. More about that later, as well.

    Part 3, Ways to Lose Lives
    [​IMG] [​IMG] [​IMG] [​IMG]
    |~~~~~1~~~~~|~~~~~ 2~~~~~|~~~~~3~~~~~|~~~~~4~~~~~|
    1 - Eep! A falling stalactite! If this happens to clonk you on the head, you will die!
    2- Don't touch the lava. Fried Scorchio is not good when you are the Scorchio in question.
    3- You get 99 seconds per life; if you get to the next level the timer restarts. Otherwise, at 0 you lose a life .
    4- Being smashed flat is never a good thing. Or in this case, blinking, dissipating, and appearing at the door to the mine for the level your on with another Scorchio head gone.

    Part 4, Scoring
    There are 3 ways to score points in this game, 2 of which (petpets and gems) you actually have control over.

    Petpets - Each petpet you rescue gets you 10 points. w00t!
    Gems - There are 4 different colored gems in this game, though you'll probably only see the first 3 (red gems don't appear until after level 3; you'll only need to get to level 3 for the avatar).
    Purple Gems - Worth 5 points apiece.
    Green Gems - Worth 10 points apiece.
    Blue Gems - Worth 15 points apiece.
    Red Gems - Worth 20 points apiece.

    Also, you get 25 bonus points for each level you pass.

    Part 5, Other Items
    This is the door. You bring petpets here to rescue them; you can only carry one petpet at a time.
    Deposit petpets into the door b/w rescues.

    [​IMG] [​IMG] [​IMG] [​IMG]
    Carts. These are safe ways to travel across the lava, and of course they happen to move, as well.
    Every other cart goes in opposite directions; some carts move really fast, others uber slowly.
    Some carts also happen to have petpets on them. Amazing, eh? :O

    Part 6, How to Get the Avatar
    Alright. Let's do this as a point-by-point, level-by-level breakdown.

    Level 1 - You must rescue 4 petpets to get to level 2. 4 petpets rescued*10 points per petpet rescued=40 points for rescuing petpets for this level. Add 25 bonus points for passing the level, and you're at 65 points for level 1. However, this is disregarding bonus points. From my experience, you can get up to 4 purple gems in this level. Keep restarting your game until you get 4 gems (fastest way to get the avatar for beginners); 4 purple gems*5 points per gem=20 points. Level 1 Total: 85 Points.

    Level 2 - You need to rescue 6 petpets to pass this level. 6 petpets rescued*10 points per petpet=60 points. Your total is now 145 points. 25 bonus points for defeating the level, and you're at 180 points. However, there are gems available in this level, as well. Generally speaking, you'll have a total of 200+ points by the end of level 2.
    Level 2 Total: 200+ Points.

    Level 3 - I don't remember how many petpets you need to rescue to pass this level; it doesn't matter anyways. If you had a high enough score at the end of level 2, and if you're lucky enough with gems, you'll be able to run around collecting gems at the beginning of this level and get the avatar. Otherwise, run around collecting gems, then rescue petpets for the remaining 10-20 ish points. +1 avatar!

    Part 7, Tips
    1) There are no cheat codes for this game. Don't bother trying to find any.

    2) You move faster traveling diagonally than in a straight line; hold the up or down arrow key along with the right or left one while running around.
    Traveling just up/down or right/left is much slower than diagonally.

    3) Boulders move in very predictable patterns. Take the time at the beginning of each level to stare at them and figure out when a chance for you to run will appear;
    worst-case scenario each row of boulders is only one Scorchio high so you can just (very carefully) move between a set of rolling boulders and keep doing that until you're across them.
    Every other set of boulders moves in opposite directions, and travel at different speeds. (Just like the carts.)

    4) I've found that the best thing to do about stalactites is ignore them as much as you can; it's random how long they wiggle before they fall. (They wiggle as a warning of being "loose" before falling.) However, try and defeat each level as quickly as possible, for multiple reasons - firstly, your timer will be going down, so you need to be able to defeat levels quickly. Secondly, more and more stalactites get loose as time progresses. Defeat the level as fast as you can so that there are less falling stalactites to worry about.

    5) Keep restarting the game until you have all your lives at the end of level 1. When you're new to the game, you'll most likely have to lose a level to time at some point during level 2. And the boulders once you get to level 3+ are just plain annoying; you'll most likely end up making stupid mistakes and losing a life or two there, as well.

    No plagiarizing. And, a note for those of you who are going to try and use ScoreSenders to get this avatar -
    Review score for the game is 500 points, and you can only score points in this game in multiples of 5. (Otherwise, that's just a flag to get you iced.)​
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  2. Freja

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    Sep 20, 2008
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    Re: [Guide] Petpet Rescue (Legit)

    Very nice guide, Anfan :) Yes ONE stupid suggestion: put the link inthere too, I tend to scroll away from guides without links.. I know it's stupid, but lazyness ftw.
  3. FishLess

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    Oct 27, 2009
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    Re: [Guide] Petpet Rescue (Legit)

    Thanks for the great guide!! quite a long post...
  4. rustyhouse

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    Nov 11, 2009
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    Re: [Guide] Petpet Rescue (Legit)

    Really great guide + 1 rep.
    I love this game but for me it's been so hard to get by with high scores; with you're guide i made a personal high score; now to get on the leader board is what i'm aiming for.
  5. BlazinDivah

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    Aug 6, 2009
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    Re: [Guide] Petpet Rescue (Legit)

    Lmao Freja, that made me LOL :p

    This is a great guide XD
    I is gonna go try now... since theirs a link ;)
  6. Chezzy

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    Jan 7, 2012
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    thanks for this =] -rep-