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Site Rules and Ranks

Discussion in 'Announcements, Rules, and Information' started by expon, Jul 21, 2007.

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    By registering an account and/or using this site, you agree to follow the rules set forth by the Administrators and Staff of Neofriends.net. Please, for your own good, check this page regularly for changes or modifications to the rules, which can be made without notification.

    Neofriends.net Ranks
    This site uses a rank system, which is mainly based on 5 ranks:
    • Newbie - You reach it when you make 1 post
    • Level I - You reach it when you make 40 posts
    • Level II - You reach it when you make 150 posts
    • Level III - You reach it when you make 375 posts
    • Level IV - You reach it when you make 750 posts
    • Programmer - You can only become one by applying
    • Level V - You can only become one by application, and you must be at least Level IV
    There are also two other ranks, Administrators and Global Moderators. These ranks can't be commonly reached, only an Administrator can choose to make you a Moderator/Administrator.

    Neofriends.net Rules
    Nobody is exempt from these rules, and they apply to all members and all ranks, and in all areas of this website including private boards, profiles, and the shoutbox.

    *Note: Trading, buying, or selling any goods or services, digital or otherwise, and the discussion of any transactions is not permitted outside the Neofriends.net Blackmarket forum, which is only accessible by Level I users and above.*

    • Any discussing, linking, or posting anything that relates to adult oriented material is not permitted.
      Anything that is not suitable for users under the age of 18 should not be posted or discussed anywhere on Neofriends.net.

    • Vouching
      Any voucher, vouching for another member is liable for the full amount of the trade. This is to prevent users being helped to scam other members of items or accounts etc. Failing to pay the result of a failed vouch will assume that you are part of the scam and you yourself shall be permanently banned and prevented from accessing Neofriends.net in future.

    • Discussing, linking, or posting anything that is malicious will not be tolerated.
      Uploading, downloading, and/or linking to anything malicious is not allowed. This includes, but is not limited to viruses, trojans, malicious codes, or illegal activity.

    • Any attempts to cheat, hack or exploit bugs on the forum are not allowed.
      This is applicable to, but not limited to, contests, promotions, and Neofriends.net store points. By registering on Neofriends.net you agree that you will not exploit any bugs on the forum to gain an unfair advantage over others and will instead report them immediately.

    • You will not distribute or leak any private information to others.
      The Neofriends.net community does not support the leaking or distributing of any private material to those that are not permitted to view or use that material. Do not distribute or leak any information, programs or anything else considered private. This includes leaking or sharing information that is private from a private Neofriends.net forum to a public forum. Do not send programs downloaded from Neofriends.net to other people - this will result in a permanent ban.

    • You will not share or create multiple accounts.
      Creating multiple accounts or sharing accounts with others is not permitted and will be considered cheating. This also includes unauthorized access to any Neofriends.net account not belonging to you.

    • Harassment and discrimination is not tolerated by Neofriends.net.
      Any hateful or hurtful messages to any member of Neofriends.net is not tolerated. Harassing comments about anybody includes, but is not limited to, sexual, physical, and/or mental harassment. Discrimination includes, but is not limited to, any form of racism, sexism, and/or stereotyping.

    • Plagiarism and hotlinking will not be tolerated.
      Any program, code snippet, or tutorial etc. not created by you will require the acknowledgment of the original author(s) and their permission to use their work here on Neofriends.net. Do not claim the work of others as your own. And do not hotlink to images without the owners permission, rather, rehost the image elsewhere (such as Imgur or ImageShack or Photobucket).

    • Linking to other sites in the same genre of Neofriends.net will not be tolerated.
      Linking to or advertising other sites of the same genre of Neofriends.net is not allowed. Any linking or advertising of said sites must first require approval from a moderator or administrator.

    • You may not request to be promoted to any rank.
      Neofriends.net will not tolerate those that request to be promoted to any rank higher than they already are. Besides automatic promotions to certain ranks and applications, any begging or pleading for promotion will not be permitted.

    • You may not ask other members for 'Likes'.
      The idea of 'Likes' is to reward members for their contributions to the forum. If one asks for 'Likes', then that person is not contributing for the sake of the forum, but rather for his/her own sake. It is nothing more than a demand for increased reputation, disguised with pretty words.

    • Double Posting, Spamming, and Gravedigging
      Any double posting, spamming and/or gravedigging by any member will not be tolerated. Double posting is purposely posting multiple messages in a row in a single thread. Spamming is posting short, worthless messages that add no use to the thread. The only place Spam is permitted is in the World of Spam board. Gravedigging is posting a worthless message in a thread that has not been posted in in the recent past. None of these will be tolerated, and excessively violating this rule will likely result in your banishment from Neofriends.net.
      *Note: Gravedigging rule does not apply to Stickied threads.*

    • Signature and Avatar Limits
      Because many Neofriends.net users do not have the same internet connection speeds, and some may run slower than others, the following restrictions are in place for signatures and avatars. Please be aware that some threads on this site will contain numerous images, gifs, and even videos.
      - Signatures may not exceed 500x200 pixels and 150kb (combined total) and five (5) lines of text (including blank lines).
      - Avatars must not exceed 75x75 pixels and 50kb.

    • Report other members, don't accuse them.
      You may give members advice and suggestions about how to properly use Neofriends.net, but please do not condemn them for breaking any of the forum rules, rather just report the post and allow the staff to decide what to do.

    • Cracked and hacked items, pets and accounts are banned from the site.
      Neofriends.net is a cheating website, not a hacking and scamming website that steals other people's work. Breaking this rule will most likely result in a permanent ban.

    • The limitations of selling programs.
      The sale of programs is only permitted to those members with the 'Programming' status. Generally, programs are to be uploaded to the Downloads section of the site.

    Breaking any of the above rules will may result in a warning being issued. Accumulating warnings can result in a suspension or a permanent ban. The staff reserve the right to issue a suspension or ban to any member when deemed appropriate to do so.

    These rules are subject to change and can be updated without any notice so check back often for a re-read of the rules.

    Last updated: September 15, 2015
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    Updated with the new rank system
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    Updated with vouch rule.
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