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Taking AB List Requests

Discussion in 'Neopets Chit-Chat' started by Zer0, Jun 1, 2008.

  1. Zer0

    Zer0 Level IV

    Mar 2, 2008
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    Home sweet home
    I'll be taking requests for AB lists. Just post your requirements here.
    I need shop name, rough profit estimate, how you want the list prioritized, etc.

    Try looking around for lists before requesting one. The search feature in this forum was implemented for a reason :)

    update - check here before requesting: post288043.html#p288041
  2. Ak*

    Ak* Level IV

    Dec 24, 2007
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    Canada Eh!
    is it possible to to a space weaponry lists. I cant find any ... make the neo cola tokens high priority... if you make this list ill plus rep.. iam extremely lazy. Oh and another thing, how effective is our aber? thats up in the downloads section for 70 points.
  3. Snowmanny

    Snowmanny Level III

    Mar 11, 2008
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    Toronto Canada
    Royal Potionery, any ub, best items at top

    Spooky Food, any 20k profit, best items at top
  4. Zer0

    Zer0 Level IV

    Mar 2, 2008
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    Home sweet home
    83 Brightvale Potions
    Code (Text):
    1. Leaded Elemental Vial
    2. Scroll Potion
    3. Leaded Water Vial
    4. Potion of Night
    5. Greater Elemental Potion
    6. Woodland Brew
    7. Greater Fire Potion
    8. Prickly Potion
    9. Greater Earthen Potion
    10. Warriors Might
    11. Leaded Light Vial

    I just so happened to have this list on me :)
  5. Zer0

    Zer0 Level IV

    Mar 2, 2008
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    Home sweet home
    23 Space Weaponry
    Blue Neocola Token
    Red Neocola Token
    Green Neocola Token
    Virtublaster 5000
    Neutralising Ray
    Honey Goo Blaster
    Utility Gloves
    Pocket Satellite
    Sonic Melter
    Calculation Device
    Blanking Ray

    Neocola tokens high priority (I would personally suggest putting them to the bottom). Only large profit items on list.
  6. imaneofriend

    imaneofriend Level I

    May 14, 2008
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    write up a good choco with 5k ++ profit items only
  7. Zer0

    Zer0 Level IV

    Mar 2, 2008
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    Home sweet home
    14 Chocolate

    Chocolate Moltenore
    Sugar Tonu Skull
    Chocolate Cybunny Negg
    Apple Moquot Lollypop
    Deluxe Strawberry Toffee Chokato
    Lemon Bumbluz Lolly
    Fishy Delight Grarrl Gobstopper
    Cherry Mootix Lollypop
    Orange Lightmite Lollypop
    Raspberry Chocolate Tuskaninny
    Sugar Moehog Skull
    Double Chocolate Jelly Beans
    Chocolate Advent Calendar
    Candy Cane Chocolate Advent Calendar
    Large Swirly Chocolate Cybunny
    Snowflake Chocolate Advent Calendar
    Holiday Bell Chocolate Advent Calendar
    Spooky Flying Doughnut
    Mint Chocolate Peophin
    Cherry Aboogala Lolly
    Orange Scroach Lolly
    Yummy Drops
    Apple and Custard Drops
    Chocolate Peach
    Chocolate Jeran
    Chocolate Achyfi Lollypop
    Banana Jelly Flotsam
    Super Spicy Jelly Beans
    Kau Sundae
    Hazelnut Whirl
    ErgyFruit Jelly Beans
    Chocolate Dr Sloth
    Caramel and Custard Drops
    Creamy Choccywhip
    Minty Choccywhip
    Jelly Bean Pirate Chest
    Orange Chocolate Tuskaninny
    Mint Chocolate Chia
    Mint Chocolate Tuskaninny
    Lime Skidget Lolly
    Heart Shaped Chocolates
    Gummy Pepper Chia
    Gummy Orange Chia
    Dark Chocolate Scorchio
    Jack-O-Lantern Pail
    Toffee Dubloon
    Omnipotent Onion Grarrl Gobstopper
    Codestone Truffle
    Candy Pirate Earrings
    Orange Chocolate Pyramid
    Milk Chocolate Rose
    Strawberry Heartcicle
    Chocolate Cherry Pteri Eggs
    Chocolate Banana Pteri Eggs
    Blueberry Gummy Stamp
    Dark Chocolate Tuskaninny
    Love Shake Chocolate
    Gummy Durian Chia
    Raspberry and Vanilla Nova
    Strawberry Fondant Surprise
    Dark Chocolate Shoyru
    Orange Gummy Stamp
    Chocolate Balthazar
    Skeith Chocolate Dubloon
    Orange Chocolate Scorchio
    Mint Chocolate Lupe
    Kyrii Chocolate Dubloon
    Honey and Mustard Jelly Beans
    Green Lab Jellies Candy
    Chokato Candy Cane
    Chocolate Covered Cherries
    Charcoal Jelly Beans
    Dark Chocolate Poogle
    Pink Gormball Gumball
    Mint Chocolate Kacheek
    Heart Shaped Box of Toffee
    White Chocolate Nova
    Sugar Ixi Skull
    Sugar Aisha Skull
    Mint Chocolate Blumaroo
    Gummy Aubergine Chia
    Electric Gormball Gumball
    Dark Chocolate Skeith
    Chocolate and Cream Kyrii
    Chewy Strawberry Aisha Ears
    Buzz Chocolate Bar
    Dark Chocolate Hearts
    Strawberry Flotsam Lollypop
    Strawberry Techo Pop
    Outrageous Orange Grarrl Gobstopper
    Mint Chocolate Usul
    Mint Chocolate Gnorbu
    Grape Blumaroo Gummy Die
    Fizzy Neocola Bottles
    Cherry Zafara Gummy
    Box of Chocolate Chias
    Baby Cybunny Chocolate Egg
    Baby Cabbage Jelly Beans
    Chocolate Turkey
    Orange Chocolate Kacheek
    Grape Peophin Lollypop
    White Chocolate Gnorbu
    Melon-Berry Gummies
    Wocky Meringue
    Treasure Sweets
    Sweet Necklace
    Rhubarb and Custard Sweets
    Raspberry Jelly Heart
    Minty Chomby Lolly
    Large White Chocolate Cybunny
    Kougra Chocolate Dubloon
    Chocolate Zeenana Pteri Eggs
    Banana Gummy Slorg
    Assorted Pear Drops
    Tarragon Achyfi Lollypop
    Peppermint Gormball Gumball
    Orange Chocolate Korbat
    Yurble Peppermint
    Ummagine Candy Cane
    Strawberry Tuskaninny Lolly
    Strawberry Kougra Pop
    Sour Lemon Lolly
    Sherbert Lemons
    Rose Lollyswirl
    Pineapple Lollypop
    Neocola Bottles
    Mint Chocolate Poogle
    Milk Chocolate Nova
    Milk Chocolate Kacheek
    Milk Chocolate Hissi
    Lemon Bon Bons
    Fluff N Stuff Grarrl Gobstopper
    Dried Kumquat Sweets
    Chocolate King Skarl
    Chocolate Jetsam Fin
    Chocolate Ixi Leaf
    Cherry Whirlpool Candy
    Heart Shaped Bon Bons
    Blueberry Iced Cookie
    Rainbow Flotsam Lollypop
    Pirate Hook Candy Cane
    Milk Chocolate Hollow Cybunny
    Sour Candy Hearts
    Fyora Lollyswirl
    Fruity Gormball Gumball
    Dark Chocolate Flotsam
    Tooth Faerie Sweets
    Strawberry Chocolate Krawk Coin
    Rainbow Neodrops
    Peophin Chocolate Medallion
    Orange Chocolate Grundo
    Flotsam Snowberry Lollypop
    Chocolate Tetraberry Pteri Eggs
    Chocolate Swirl Nova
    Chocolate Moehogs
    Chocolate Moehog Head
    Yellow Techo Pop
    Gooseberry Snorkle Lollypop
    Chokato Chia Treat
    Dark Chocolate Bruce
    Orange Whirlpool Candy
    Asparagus Chia Treat
    Hard Doughnutfruit Candies
    White Chocolate Krawk Coin
    White Chocolate Hissi
    Tigerfruit Candy Cane
    Swirly Mint Mynci
    Swirly Chocolate Hissi
    Strawberry Meerca Lolly
    Root Beer Barrels
    Red Buzz Lolly
    Rainbow Chia Gumball
    Orange Chocolate Lupe
    Nutty Chocolate Negg
    Milk Chocolate Tuskaninny
    Milk Chocolate Hollow Chia
    Mega Minty Korbat Cake
    Mallowicious Bar
    Lime Gummy Book
    Juppiemint Bar
    Icy Mint Jelly Beans
    Chocolate Wocky Paws
    Caramel Kiko Sweets
    Dark Chocolate Peophin
    Elderberry Achyfi Lollypop
    Dark Chocolate Gnorbu
    Rosy Apples
    Pineapple Cubes
    Mustard Mayhem Grarrl Gobstopper
    Mint Chocolate Uni
    Kau Sorbet
    Caramel Creams
    Milk Chocolate Grundo
    Lightning Bolt Lollypop
    Rainbow Gelert Lollypop
    Chocolate Grarrl on a Stick
    Dark Chocolate Buzz
    Strawberry Ruki Biscuit
    Lemon Chia Treat
    Dark Chocolate Ruki
    Assorted Tonu Chocolates
    Brain Tree Lolly
    White Chocolate Draik
    Twirly Fruit Candy Cane
    Swirly Chocolate Mynci
    Super Sticky Kacheek Candy Apple
    Strawberry Neodrops
    Raspberry Achyfi Lollypop
    Lime Tuskaninny Lolly
    Lemon Grarrl Pop
    Jelly Wocky
    Gnorbu Chocolate Dubloon
    Chocolate Uni Print
    Chocolate Lenny on a Stick
    Chocolate Chia Jam
    Caramel Dipped Skeith Wings
    Blue Lab Jellies Candy
    Berry Sugared Gelert Gummy

    Price ordered. 5k+ profit items.

    And next time, a "please" would be nice :)

    - asking for rep is not allowed -
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  8. imaneofriend

    imaneofriend Level I

    May 14, 2008
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    Is Thanks worth anything? thanks
  9. Zer0

    Zer0 Level IV

    Mar 2, 2008
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    Home sweet home
    30 Spooky Food

    Snorkle Pudding
    Ghost Puff
    Jelly Spider Eyeball
    Crunchy Snotball
    Pumpkin Scoopings
    Runny Snot
    Quiggle Pie
    Wing of Korbat
    Cadaverous Cola
    Mouldy Cheese
    Apple Lantern
    Parts on a Pizza
    Spooky Ghostbeef
    Meerca Pie
    Halloween Candy Cane
    Pink Spooky Floss
    Chocolate Coated Eye
    Grundo Toe Lint
    Coffee of the Dead
    Spagetti and Brains
    Pink Spooky Ice Cream
    Raspberry Ghostkerchief Jelly
    Brains and Dumplings
    Jelly Finger
    Coco Pumpkin
    Snorkle Snout
    Holiday Gingerbread Mansion
    Holiday Ghostpuff
    Eliv Thade Sandwich
    Rest in Peace of Chicken
    Pumpkin Ice Cream
    Elephante Trunk Stew
    Brain Ice Cream
    Worm Stew
    The Stuff
    Eliv Thade Wrap
    Holiday Eye Candy
    Ghastly Stew
    Menacing Brew
    Tomb Chips
    Pumpkin Pot Pie
    Holiday Spoiled Neggnog
    Eliv Thade Chips
    Candy Skull
    Strawberry Ice Cream Apple Lantern
    Blumaroo Tail Salad Extravaganza
    Brain Stew
    Eliv Thade Sludge Shake
    Bloody Ghost Toast
    Pink Spooky Popcorn
    Chilled Eyes with Clam Sauce
    Bogie Berry
    Bat Kebab
    Spooky Handwich
    Rotting Wormburger
    Slime Soup
    Pumpkin Ghost Toast
    Gummi Worms
    Chocolate Jack-O-Lantern Chip Cookie
    Bone Dog
    Roast Worm with Cranberries
    Snail Cream Cone
    Deviled Eggs
    Wormy Pasta
    Roasted Spyder on a Stick
    Haunted Milk
    Eyeball and Worm Sandwich
    Chocolate Ice Cream Apple Lantern
    Millipede Lollypop

    Price ordered. 20k+ profit B)

    Yep :) Your welcome
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  10. xingz

    xingz Level II

    Jun 17, 2007
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    Wow helpful thread!
    Can i request a list with 10k+ bakery items?
  11. Snowmanny

    Snowmanny Level III

    Mar 11, 2008
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    Toronto Canada
    thanks for those 2, 30 + 83
  12. Zer0

    Zer0 Level IV

    Mar 2, 2008
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    Home sweet home
    15 Bakery

    Blackberry Eyrie Cookie
    Buttered Juppie Waffle
    Chokato Deluxe Aisha Cake
    Dargil Meat Mince Pie
    Chocolate Chip Eyrie Cookie
    Chia Cake
    Stack It High Cake
    Gooseberry Crepe
    Chocolate Cream Biscuit
    Borovan Layered Cake
    Scamander Cookies
    Grapefruit Cake
    Double Cream Vanilla Sponge
    Blueberry Deluxe Cake
    Chocolate Stuffed Pastry
    Kacheek Fruit Salad Sandwich
    Hostile Quiche
    Sugar Nerkmid Biscuit
    Cinnamon Eyrie Cookie
    Triple Choco-Strawberry Cake
    Irate Zafara Claw
    Lime Chomby Cake
    Chocolate Cherry Cheesecake
    Chocolate Chip Quiggle Cookie
    Minty Eyrie Cookie
    Kacheek Baby Cabbage Sandwiches
    Chocolate Chip Nerkmid Biscuit
    Snowy Pancakes
    Kacheek Ombus Fruit Sandwich
    Cranky Croissant
    Angry Cinnamon Roll
    Transparaberry Hot Cross Buns
    Tiered Neopets 8th Birthday Cake
    Flaming Super Hot Pasty
    Iced Nerkmid Biscuit
    Dice Escape Coffee Cake
    Choccy Chip Skeith Biscuit
    Ultranova Sponge Cake
    Ghostkercreme Puff
    Grunion Fruit Krawk Cake
    Rainbow Gelert Day Pancakes
    Asparagus Chocolate Cupcake
    Rose Cake
    Peophin-shaped Souffle
    Tigersquash Blumaroo Biscuit
    Meepit Juice Break Marshmallow
    Chocolate Krawk Cake
    Zafara Cherry Strudel
    Pteri Seed Cake
    Strawberry Skeith Biscuit
    Moehog Surprise
    Loaf Of Pea Bread
    Kacheek Harffel Fruit Sandwich
    Deluxe Chia Cake
    Chocolate Coconut Bars
    Blue 8 Neopets 8th Birthday Cake
    Strawberry Shimmer Cake
    Pineapple Muffin
    Cloud Muffin
    Orange Krawk Cake
    Minty Meerca Mini Cake
    Deluxe Strawberry Usul Cake
    Caramel Poogle Biscuit
    Orange Chia Cake
    Green Swirly Birthday Cake
    Super Deluxe Maraquan Victory Cake
    Fun Neopets 8th Birthday Cake

    Prioritized by price. 10k+ profit. Enjoy :)
    Some of the border-line 10-13k profit items may not be on this list, I used a 15k sell price as a guideline for profit.
  13. Heya_old

    Heya_old Level IV

    Mar 31, 2008
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    wait,this probably sounds really dumb, lol, but will it buy items that are closer up to the top first?
  14. Zer0

    Zer0 Level IV

    Mar 2, 2008
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    Home sweet home
    Yes, this is why if you have a prioritized list, the ABer will buy the highest priority (most profitable item) over the lower priority (least profitble item)
  15. Heya_old

    Heya_old Level IV

    Mar 31, 2008
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    So thats why i keep getting these cheap bgs over these nice ones, ROFL. thanks. nice lists, btw :)
  16. xingz

    xingz Level II

    Jun 17, 2007
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    Thank you for the list~ very helpful indeed
  17. Zer0

    Zer0 Level IV

    Mar 2, 2008
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    Home sweet home
    After an 15k+ profit Igloo List request in the Level 2 chat:

    Super Bright Rainbow Pool Stamp
    Turmaculus Pinata
    Chartruse Puffs
    Christmas Scene Stamp
    Brain Ice Cream
    Usukicon Y9 Gift Bag
    Neopia Central Scene
    Snowager Stamp
    The Drenched Stamp
    Holographic Sakhmet City
    Rose Cake
    Steaming Skeem Potion
    Tomato Spitter
    Pumpkin Ice Cream
    Pumpkin Pot Pie
    Inflatable Balthazar
    Game Guide: Jubble Bubble
    Tyrannian Cybunny Plushie
    Enraged Maraquan Mob Lupe Plushie
    Ghostkerchief Plushie
    Baby Blumaroos
    Water Faerie Snowglobe
    Psellias Fighting Fan
    Elephante Trunk Stew
    Christmas Grundo Plushie
    Ruby Heart Pendant
    Sporkle Syrup
    Jittery Jipple Potion
    Pirate Slorg Plushie
    Vine-Covered Gazebo
    Flying Korbats Stamp
    Toy Pirate Hat
    Starry Grundo Plushie
    Computing the Kreludan Way
    Ski Lodge Stamp
    Mighty Cobrall Mace
    Valentines Cybunny Plushie
    Indoor Disco Fountain
    Petpetpet Farm
    Bruce Paint By Number
    Light Faerie Sword
    Heart Swirl Valentines Card
    Red Good Luck Packet
    Black Fan of Shenkuu
    Cybunny Stocking
    Starry Koi Wind Up Bath Toy
    Golden Bow of Qasala
    Mutant Grundo Stamp
    Disco Bath Tub
    Dark Graspberry Stamp
    Fire Zafara Plushie
    Maraquan Blade Specialist Stamp
    Cinnamon Granola Bar
    Gold Handled Katana
    Jelly Pop Stamp
    Librarian Stamp
    Kauvara Bed
    Robo Grarrl
    Faerieland Garden Bench
    Ornate Purple Negg
    Flying For Eyries
    Golden Heart Necklace
    Alien Aisha Plushie
    Earth Faerie Hair Clip
    Pirate First Mate Plushie
    Nuts, A Love Story
    Tuskaninny Treasure
    Ghost Stories
    Raspberry Bush
    Orange Plushie
    Sand Doughnut
    Pink Slorg Fountain
    Valentine Rose Bouquet
    Lenny Superhero
    Sparkling Bonbori Hammers
    The Black Pawkeet Stamp
    Garlic JubJub Plushie
    Spotted Cybunny Balloon
    Disco Zafara Table
    Scythe of Eternal Darkness
    Stone Bridge
    Devilish Usuki
    Blackberry Sofa
    Battle Bones
    Grey Faerie Potion
    Pink Negg
    Hubrid Nox Stamp
    Red Carpetted Stairs
    Festering Coffee
    Squibble Berry Tonu Cupcake
    Peppermint Kougra Cake
    Hanging House Plant
    Small Spirulina Smoothie
    Black Meowclops Ring
    Chocolate Techo Biscuit
    Sketch Pie
    Slimy Usul Cake
    Lemon Swirly Negg
    Desert Paint Brush Stamp
    Jhuidah Faerie Doll
    Usul-in-waiting Stamp
    Altador Food Stamp
    Brick Shed
    Evil Fuzzles Stamp
    Screaming Tree
    Candy Skull
    Fire Faerie Snowglobe
    Tylix Stamp
    Rink Runner Stamp
    Invisible Pasty
    Shenkuu-Themed Neopets 7th Birthday Cake
    Yurble Meringue Cookie
    Werelupe Plushie
    Bag of Peanuts
    Balthazar Pinata
    Hubrid Nox Pinata
    Snowy Valley Steak
    Mano Root
    The Spider Grundo
    Enchanted Wooden Bow
    Golden Qasalan Shield
    Baby Quiggle Plushie
    Golden Cobrall Glove
    Shadow Aisha Plushie
    Egg Slingshot
    Halloween Bruce Plushie
    A Squires Life
    Island Uni Plushie
    Clone #177 Plushie
    No Bones About It
    Rainbow Pillow Set
    Barallus The Brave
    Round About Yurbles
    Skunk Usul Plushie
    Amulet of Life
    Training School Myths
    Green Swirly Birthday Cake
    Pebble Stepping Stone
    Tiger Bed
    Slorg Signpost
    Rainbow Coloured Shell
    Imperius Flare
    Red Rock Pond
    An Ogrins Wild Life
    Basic Potion Brewing
    Beekadoodle Plushie
    Laws of the Land
    Happy Yurble Fishing Gnome
    A Kau Summer
    Jack-O Lantern
    Earth Faerie Wings
    Super Fancy Birthday Cake
    Exploding Acorns Stamp
    Kauvara Print Divider
    Kreludan Mysteries
    Sturdy Steel Pudao
    Chocolate Ice Cream
    Tetraberry Tonu Cupcake
    Meaty Treat Pasty
    Green Garden Shed
    Melted Kacheek Cake
    Green Hissi Chair
    Eliv Thade Wrap
    Neopian Music
    Fire Usul Plushie
    Xweetok Ice Breakers
    Mootix Farm
    Country Staircase
    Zombie Faleinn Stamp
    Earth Faerie Slingshot
    Pink Poogle Bed
    Essence of Drackonack
    Laced Wooden Staff
    Shovel Plus
    Mega Orange Clove Smoothie
    Chocolate Battle Biscuit
    Maraquan Zafara Fridge
    Bone Dog
    Wooden Border Pond
    Wand Of The Dark Faerie Stamp
    Baby Lenny Plushie
    Rotting Wormburger
    Sword of the Air Faerie Stamp
    Rainbow Fountain Card
    Gold Valentines Ring
    Baby Paint Brush Plushie
    Fire Lupe Plushie
    Wind Up Grimilix
    The Happy Orange Grundo
    Prancing Uni Gnome
    Kougra Lily
    Sloth Sock Puppet Balloon
    Pastel Snowflake Tree
    Wind Up Maraquan JubJub
    Defenders of Neopia Fun Book
    Bone Mace
    Pteri Bust Out
    Star Ice Skating Rink
    Neopian Hospital Stamp
    Garon the Lupe
    Purple Hissi Plushie
    Fiery Bone Bow
    Day Dreaming Nimmo Gnome
    Red Kougra Bed
    Jazzmosis Elephante Plushie
    Darigan Shield Stamp
    Faerie Aisha Plushie
    Mini Quiche
    Taelia Yoyo
    Pickled Pears
    Korbat Meringue
    Ghost Paint Brush Plushie
    Baby Lupe Plushie
    Mutant Lupe Plushie
    Ice Club
    King Skarl Plushie Stamp
    Meridell Shield Stamp
    Water Faerie Halberd
    Decorated Gazebo
    Mummified Ruki History
    Devilpuss Stamp
    Kasuki Lu Biography
    Wind Up Snowbunny
    Electric Bed
    Valentines Quiggle Plushie
    Rainbow Hissi Plushie
    Lost Spells of Neopia
    Amulet of the Sun
    The Lupe Collector
    Speckled Negg
    Fancy Desert Headdress
    Neopian Times Paper Rack
    Negg Kacheekers
    Bone Mace
    Meridell Gardens Stamp
    Hubrid Noxs Mountain Fortress Stamp
    Pastel Perfection Pond
    Baby Grundo Plushie
    Geraptiku Digging Sites
    Engraved Short Sword
    Avatar Collector Guide
    Funky Green Speaker
    Berti the Creator
    Sturdy Qasalan Sword
    Snow Fridge
    Guardian of Spectral Magic
    Ultra Icy Negg
    Visiting Kreludor
    Rainbow Wardrobe
    Dark Eyes the Aisha
    Nova Table
    Million Degree Sword
    Master Vex Stamp
    Meaty Potato Grarrl Cake
    Ghost Wrap
    Grinning Sloth Stamp
    Bug Eye McGee
    Double Caramel Techo Cookie
    Rainbow Fridge
    The Yooyu
    Tomb Chips
    Meuka Pinata
    Pumpkin Ghost Toast
    Vegetarian Meat Pie
    Vira Pinata
    Tiered Rocks
    Snorkle Snout
    Potato Puff
    Chocolate Jack-O-Lantern Chip Cookie
    Flying Ona Wind Up
    Glowing Fire Axe
    Creating a Lucky Zafara
    Lost Desert Speaker
    Biscuit Yurble Plushie
    Yellow Ixi Plushie
    Uni Care
    Snow Covered Bush
    Candy Floss Tree
    Spiral Ice Skating Rink
    Twig Table
    A History Of Moehogs
    Kacheek Week
    Learning To Sing Notes
    Wocky Hide and Seek Book
    Turdle Plushie
    Snowflake Bean Bag
    Blue Fuzzy Chair
    Jacques Plushie
    Roasted Spyder on a Stick
    Tell Me Why
    1002 Spells For You
    Jhudoras Bewitched Ring Stamp
    Shop Wizard Stamp
    Candychan Plushie
    Kreating Kreludan Angles
    Tyrannian Plateau Stamp
    Zafara Princess Stamp
    Snow Bed
    Blue Negg
    Cooling Balm of the Warrior
    Raspberry Tuskaninny Pop
    Striped Zafara Arm Chair
    Galactic Adventures II
    Orange Jelly Bed
    Xweetok Cut N Paste Book
    Peanut Chair
    Valentines Grundo Plushie
    Deep Sea Shell
    Shadow Eyrie Plushie
    An Acara Named Whirr
    Valentines Bruce Plushie
    Valentines Kadoatie Plushie
    Glamour Negg Earrings
    Silver Sai
    Love, Laughs, Xweetoks
    Milk Chocolate Rose
    Plushie Kiko Plushie
    Licorice Nimmo Cake
    Usuki Singing Star #1
    Ice Covered Bush
    Baby Blumaroo Plushie
    NeoQuest II Logo Stamp
    Dicearoo for Beginners
    Fire Guitar
    A Light Faerie
    Deluxe Blue Uni Plushie
    Tiered Rock Fountain
    Light Faerie Shield
    Happy Birthday Negg
    Goregas Stamp
    Ice Cube Tree
    Illusens Staff Stamp
    Chokato Candy Cane
    Lutango Brucicle
    Iced Cybunny Head Cookie
    Strawberry Krawk Cookie
    Bomberry Elixir
    Cauliflower Pasty
    Spirit Bottle
    Stone Waterfall Pond
    Go Fly A Kite!
    Green Sofa
    Starry Ixi Plushie
    Valentines Chia Plushie
    Electric Zafara Plushie
    Pirate Scout Plushie
    Bone Dog
    Blue Bori Plushie
    Pea Chia Kite
    Sunny Yellow Dresser
    Uni Days
    Squid Hat
    Gummi Worms
    A Tail Of Two Krawks
    Maraquan Charger Stamp
    Illusen Day Cake
    Advanced Thermodynamics
    Green Ixi Plushie
    Disco Fireplace
    Baby Kacheeks
    105 Castle Secrets Stamp
    Wooden Bed
    Ceremonial Qasalan Dagger
    Wormy Jam Sandwich
    Partitioned Negg
    Mint Chocolate Wocky Cupcake
    Cliffhanger Stamp
    Acara Acrobat Plushie
    Jewelled Scarab Stamp
    Guitarists Guide
    Knights Of Meridell
    Mokti and Rikti Stamp
    Potion Table
    Yesterdays Future
    Glowing Brain Tree
    Usukiland Stamp
    Purple Kacheek Sink
    Sock Pouch
    Bogie Berry
    Teachers Desk
    Meridell Toy Plane
    Cadro Plushie
    Electric Arm Chair
    Speckled Curtains
    Glass Negg
    Flaming Shield Of Fire
    Camouflage Scallop Shell
    101 Uni Treats
    Trestin Stamp
    Eraser of the Dark Faerie Stamp
    Frozen Meaty Sandwich
    Chocolate Draik Biscuit
    Super Icy Negg
    Purple Squeaky Slorg
    Gadgadsbogen Festival
    Golden Cobrall Shield
    Celestial Talisman Stamp
    Grubs in Cheese
    My First Space Suit
    Snow Sofa
    Orange Negg
    Wocky Stocking
    Faerie Berry Recipes
    Empower Your Tail
    Speckled Jetsam Plushie
    The Masked Intruder
    Faerie Raindorf Plushie
    Roast Worm with Cranberries
    Marble Desk
    Swirly Negg #498
    Rainbow Bed
    Engraved Broad Sword
    Pink Poogle Planter
    Brick Rug
    Mysterious Aisha Sorceress
    Silly Daisy Wreath
    The Lucky Paw
    Fire Faerie Wings
    Green Weewoo Plushie
    Stone Boomerang
    Bloody Ghost Toast
    Chasm Beast Stamp
    Commemorative Defenders Stamp #3
    Colourful Gazebo
    Lucky Slorg Gnome
    Menacing Brew
    The Uni Trilogy
    Pretty Pink Yurbles
    Ghost Lupe Spooky Stories
    Tazzalor Stamp
    Eliv Thade Sludge Shake
    Rotten Jack-O-Lantern Bomb
    Kauvara Sofa
    Strawberry Ice Cream Tonu Cake
    Robo Hissi
    Silver Heart Charm Bracelet
    Hand Buzzer Gag
    Modern Purple Stairs
    Runner Bean Plant
    Kevin Bobblehead
    Pink Poogle Arm Chair
    Silver Valentines Ring
    Cloud Gnorbu Plushie
    Faerie Kau Handbook
    Rainbow Usul Plushie
    Pink Koi Plushie
    Lost Desert Colouring Book
    Rainbow Fireplace
    Cloud Print Speaker
    Acara Stocking
    Sterling Greaves
    Heart Stepping Stone
    Plushie Adventures
    Faerie Wings Shell
    Rainbow Arm Chair
    Freeze Dried Sausage
    Faerie Kitchen Stove
    Wind Up Bouncing Hasee
    Yellow Uni Sugar Cookie
    Curved Ice Skating Rink
    Myncis In A Bucket
    Baby Kougra Plushie
    Orange Smothered Swiss Roll
    Pink Morning Glory Vines
    Purple Cybunny Negg
    Blue Paradise Pond
    The Complete History of Wockies
    Mixed Flowers
    Shadow Lupe Plushie
    Game Guide: Pterattack
    Pirate Helmswoman Plushie
    Snowflake Rug
    Garlic Evil Fuzzle
    Every Shoyrus Handbook
    Egg Bomb
    Fyoras Magic Airspray
    Nova Lights
    Buzz Avenger
    White Flosset Plushie
    Robo Tuskaninny
    Candy Cane Negg
    Guide to Pet Pets
    Decorative Negg
    Super Fishing Set
    Tyrannian Moehog Plushie
    Plushie Bruce Plushie
    Fire Faerie Shield
    Skull Deckball
    Grey Ice Cream Cone
    Plushie Peo Plushie
    Sweet and Sour Negg
    Judge Hog
    Strawberry Ice Cream Apple Lantern
    Twisted Roses Speaker
    Rainbow Couch
    Maraquan Quiguki Set
    Floral Garden Swing
    Robo Eyrie
    Moehawk Speaker
    Maraquan Kacheekers
    Golden Handled Long Sword
    Wocky Mummy Monster Plushie
    Strawberry Faellie Cake
    Grey Sandwich
    Plushie Shoyru Plushie
    Deluxe Bori Cracker
    Lupe Stocking
    Grumble Be Gone Tablets
    Fire Paint Brush Plushie
    Yellow Negg
    Extra Meaty Sandwich
    Iron Fence
    Carved Sansetsukon
    Scurvy Island Stamp
    Scratchcard Secrets
    Chocolate Ice Cream Apple Lantern
    Blurf Brucicle
    Green Negg
    Plain White Sink
    Meowclops Plushie
    Cherry Mynci Burger
    Eliv Thade Chips
    Pomegranate Doughnut
    Purple Kacheek Fridge
    Pinchit Plushie
    Farvin III Bobblehead
    Elephante Sock Puppet
    Staff of Impenetrable Gloom
    Cooking With A Bomberry
    Coconut Toilet
    Taelia Bed
    Valentines Hasee Plushie
    Ghastly Stew
    Valentines Pillow
    Whinny Meadows
    Remnok the Nomad
    Ultranova Lamp
    Jazzmosis Kyrii Plushie
    Snot My Fault
    Skunk Kacheek Plushie
    Neck Brace
    Stylishly Simple Pond
    Starry Pillow Set
    Blue Newsboy Hat
    Carrot Growing
    Angry Janitor Stamp
    Kings Lens Stamp
    Almost Big Book of Slothy Recipes
    Beauty Bed
    Mutations in Kacheeks
    Stone Club
    Trectse fo Thade
    Kiko Christmas Story
    Naughty or Nice
    Lavender Faerie Chair
    The Great Koi Caper
    Ice Speaker
    Poogle Profile
    The Sun and You
    Jade Fountain
    Electrical Mote Balloon
    Wormy Pasta
    Encyclopedia Neopia
    Halloween Kacheek Plushie
    Anubis Bed
    Valentines Kiko Plushie
    A Warm Christmas
    Cloud Paint Brush Plushie
    Wooden Mynci Boomerang
    Aisha Secrets
    Poogle Plushie Catalogue
    Fire Tipped Spear
    Merouladen and Heermeedjet
    Zafara Art
    Battle Faerie Sofa
    Rainbow Fountain
    Snail Cream Cone
    Nova Sofa

    This is NOT completely priority ordered, but its pretty close. I'll post a priority ordered one later since I'm kinda busy right now.

    For you amusement: I had 20 threads running when making this list, and it gave JN capacity problems so no one could use JN Item DB for around 5 min :D
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    Lawlz, I respect you so much more for beign able to crash JN, just a little. xD
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    ROFL, nice. Can you make me a good Chacolate shop list. i don't care how high or low, just something that will make me good nps in there.
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    i'm definitely grabbing this, thanks a ton :D