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Taking Tutorial Requests

Discussion in 'Tutorials and Guides' started by WildSnorlax, Nov 25, 2008.

  1. WildSnorlax

    WildSnorlax Level IV

    Sep 21, 2008
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    Alberta, Canada
    So yeah, I think I said in my one thread that I will be doing these. This thread will be here to server as a purpose in which people can request simple tutorials {For ex, you wanna know how to do something you saw in my examples}

    I can teach pretty much basics. Every tutorials will have home made screenshots so it's okay if you're easily confused, cuz I won't confuse you :D So request away. I will add to the list if I can do it, if not i'll let you know too, since i'm not a photoshop God.

    Also I dunno if I can do this..but I have a photoshop keygen, that authorizes photoshop for you as well. If you really want photoshop CS2 permanently, I will help you out {I am not sending the keygen, so don't worry bout virus. I am just simply sending the codes} Not giving to everyone.